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LIL will meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month (Jan-June) 7pm-8:30

I believe being a “leader” is something we should all aspire to become in our own lives. But too many of us have a preconceived notion of what a “leader “ must  look like and act like. This group will explore books about historical figures who were considered great leaders as well as books on the study of leadership as a learned skill. Hopefully such an examination will reveal what I believe to be true, that regardless of our own personalities and station in life, we can be (and should become) effective leaders in our professional and personal lives.

Len Spada is CEO and Founder of Spada Law Group, LLC. Spada Law is a boutique personal injury trial firm with offices in Chelsea, Peabody and Newburyport.

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    Lessons In Leadership Book Club


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