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SSW book club is sold out - email illumebooksnbpt@gmail.com to join the wait list.

SSW book club will meet the 4th Thursday of every month (Jan-June) 7pm-8:30.
The club will read a progressive list of books that delve into spiritual unfoldment, soul exploration & new age wisdom. This book club welcomes all open minded individuals with a willingness to explore! 

Ariana Bahret, Energy Psychology Practitioner & Teacher, is a native New Yorker who has lived and practiced in some of the most beautiful places on earth ‚Äď Hawaii, Santa Barbara, Sedona, Malibu and now Newburyport since 2016. She holds a B.S. in Biology (magna cum laude) from Boston College, has taught science to all ages (three-year-olds to Ph.D.s) and has conducted genetic research (advanced genome sequencing) including contribution to the Human Genome Project. With the unexpected passing of her dad right after graduating college, she discovered energy healing work and is now certified in eight healing modalities. Her¬†passion lies in blending the worlds of both science and spirituality through her in-person and online energy psychology sessions and classes.¬†

Ariana's been an avid reader of spiritual books for over 20 years and now has the problem of not having enough room for them! You can find some of her favorites overflowing from her kitchen cabinets, as she doesn't cook as much as she reads ; ) She looks forward to digging deep into the mysteries of spirituality with you at the next book club! 

Learn more about Ariana at ArianaBahret.com and youtube.com/c/arianabahret

Book Club Fees

Club fees are charged only ONE time, at sign up.

Please note books and journals are not included in the club fee, it is a requirement of the club to purchase them each month from Illume.

Is There a Waitlist?

If a club is sold out of space, you can request to be added to the waitlist by emailing illumebooksnbpt@gmail.com

    Spirit, Soul & Wisdom Book Club SOLD OUT


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