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ACP book club will meet the 4th Tuesday of every month (Jan-June) 7pm-8:30

For art lovers, artists and anyone interested in deepening their relationship with the creative process. The artistic life is deeply woven in the fabric of our being. One doesn't need an outlet such as painting, writing, music, or dance to be creative. Creativity is a fundamental pillar of our everyday existence and is found in the simple things, such as what you observe on a walk through nature, how you awaken in the morning, or the way you make your afternoon tea. This group will dive into a wide variety of books that explore ways to cultivate curiosity and nourish imagination. Everything is ultimately connected, and this group will push the boundaries on finding that golden thread that ties it all together.

With the intention of building a collection of books to serve as life-long companions you will want to revisit and reference for a lifetime, this group will uplift the creative spirit within us all and serve as a reminder of the joyful beauty that surrounds us in the ever-present eternal moment . . . we only just need to pause and observe.

Katie Swatland is an engineer, artist & author! Katie is Illume's resident artist and her cards, giclées & original pieces can be viewed and purchased in store.

Katie's latest book is available for pre-order at  The Eternal Student & companion sketchbook and will be launched Dec 2nd @ Illume during the ArtWalk. The book & sketchbook bundle can be pre-ordered at a special price here

Learn more about Katie at

Book Club Fees

Club fees are charged only ONE time, at sign up.

Please note books and journals are not included in the club fee, it is a requirement of the club to purchase them each month from Illume.

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    Art and the Creative Process Book Club


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