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Friday, March 22 @ 7pm Ellen Henry Evening of Mediumship

Friday, March 22 @ 7pm Ellen Henry Evening of Mediumship

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Ellen Henry
An Evening of Mediumship and Conversation

It is often said that we are not bodies with a soul, but souls with a body. When life in our physical body ends, our souls move on to the next chapter. A medium is someone who receives communications from the souls of those who have moved on to the next chapter and delivers those communications to their loved ones here in the physical world.  Mediumship is a three-way conversation from your loved one in the spirit world, through the medium, to you.

In this program, Ellen will discuss what mediumship is, how it differs from a psychic reading, and how she receives messages. Then share in the experience as she performs a demonstration for the group.  If you happen to have a small item from your loved one, Ellen may offer to connect with your loved one using that item.  Please Note: Attendance at a demonstration does not guarantee that you will receive a reading.

Ellen Henry offers one-on-one sittings for mediumship, intuitive guidance, and soul guidance.  She also offers group mediumship demonstrations, and teaches mediumship, psychic development, meditation, and spiritual unfoldment. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @EllenHenryMedium and at, where you can book an appointment with her.
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