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In Smoke and Mirrors, Kate Sullivan contemplates the joy of simple pleasures, the choices that shape our lives, memories of childhood, loss and grief, including reflections on mortality, the significance of relationships, the power of forgiveness, the passage of time and the inevitability of aging. She muses on the challenges of finding one's artistic voice and the desire to leave a lasting legacy through creative endeavors. The book is illustrated throughout with Sullivan's full-color paintings and pen and ink sketches. "Kate Sullivan is a multi-talented musician, artist, journalist and poet. Smoke & Mirrors is fast- moving, humorous, philosophical and self-aware: 'My mind crackles with one brilliant idea after another.' How lucky the reader is to have Kate Sullivan's stunning paintings, as well as her stories and poems depicting a life well-lived. It's a beautiful book." - Barbara Henning, Ferne, a Detroit Story

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Smoke + Mirrors


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