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The Art of Exceptional Living

The Art of Exceptional Living

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Jim Rohn's exceptional personal and business solutions culminate in this powerful yet simple and direct book, The Art of Exceptional Living. His more than thirty years of studying human behavior and presenting well-received self-development seminars worldwide resulted in this guidebook on turning ideas into positive action to make every dream a reality.


Inspirational insights and strategies place readers on the fast track to harnessing the power of personal ambition and innate motivation to achieve the highest levels of success.


A dozen focused, concise, and practical chapters cover topics such as:
  • Five Essential Abilities
  • Developing Your Personal Philosophy
  • Goal Setting
  • Designing Your Future
  • Living Uniquely
  • How to Start Your Better Life Today
Throughout The Art of Exceptional Living are energizing questions that will incite readers to uproot routines and habits that may be preventing them from enjoying the lifestyle they desire.


The author stresses: "The greatest value in life is not what you get--the greatest value in life is what you become." Personal and sometimes humorous stories prove that statement correct, as lessons and examples are shared that will prompt readers to become more valuable--at home, in the workplace, as a parent, and in every endeavor.


Every reader who internalizes and acts on the ideas shared in The Art of Exceptional Living will satisfy their lifelong appetite for both wealth and happiness.
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