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The Female & Culture Book Club

The Female & Culture Book Club

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TFC book club will meet the 2nd Monday of every month (Feb -June) 7pm-8:30. *Please note that the first meeting for this club will be Monday, February 12th

In the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, Alice encounters the Caterpillar who poses a question which confounds her: "Who are you?" , he demands to know. Alice replies: "I hardly know sir. I've changed so many times since this morning, you see."

Indeed, who are we? Who are we as women? How many times have we changed? Have we changed? And if so, how?

This book club will focus on stories that mirror the complexity of women's roles through the ages, in an attempt to respond to the Caterpillar's question.

The investigation will be cultural and social rather than political.

Lois Ascher is a retired humanities professor, who began with literature and progressed to Urban Culture Studies. While teaching literature she avoided book groups. In retirement her love of literature has returned through explorations in the company of others. Stephen Haley has done work in writing and creative producing and collaborated with Lois in the classroom. Stephen and Lois share a 20 year friendship and look forward to an engaging, informative & fun book club! 

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